Here is what my sister had to say about it and believe me, family can be the toughest sell!

* Let me say that at first when Dr. Sullivan suggested that I complete the Purification Program, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. I have had problems staying asleep at night , joint pain and I had also picked up 8 unwanted pounds.

Instead of locking in for the entire 21 days , I decided to go with 7 days and see what would happen. By the 7th day I had lost 4 lbs.from my pot belly and hips and I was fitting in to shorts that I had placed on the top shelf of my closet!!! Also my 3 A.M. wake up calls were gone. I WAS HOOKED!!!!

Now after the 21 days my spirits are soaring. I now plan on sticking with my shake for breakfast and the sensible delicious foods for lunch and dinner. I am so motivated to stay healthy now and this was the jumpstart that I needed.



*When I arrived at Dr. Sullivan’s office, I felt as if I was on a giant roller coaster heading straight towards the ground. At the time I was 57 years old and weighed 225 pounds. I truly felt older then my actual age.

Dr. Sullivan started me on a plan to a MORE healthy life. She understood exactly what I needed to get me on the road to repair. What I enjoyed the most and had NEVER experienced before from another doctor is that she broke everything down to simple steps, that way it would not be overwhelming for me.

I currently weigh 185 pounds now and feel YOUNGER then ever. I feel 100 percent better and the best I felt in 25 years.

Doc knows how to make you healthy. Follow her suggestions and you will be totally amazed at your improvement.

Very Sincerely,

Bill Aldrich


* Professionally speaking, Dr. Sullivan is at the top of her field in staying current with new treatments and innovative ideas for well-being programs and whole food nutrition. I would highly recommend her for all your needs in these areas.

– Bill Davis “Broken Down Golf Pro”


* Just a note to thank you for all your services that helped me give quality of life, at a time when it was badly needed. As you know, I am 84 years old and all my life was a very active person, and then the aging process came creeping in. I felt I needed direction to improve my energy and feeling good about myself, and you were the right person to help me. My family has commented on how much more energy I have. That makes them happy, as I can do more for them and feel better about myself.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Fondly,

Anne E. Parisi


*Energy was a word with a new meaning for me. At 49 years old I found myself in the ER diagnosed with acute ketoacidosis and later type 1 diabetes. For 3 years I have been totally depleted of energy. Often too tired to even talk unless necessary. I felt a huge slow down in my mental function and the idea of exercise was a fantasy.

2 months ago I found Dr. Maureen Sullivan. She suggested I seek out the best endocrinologist even if it’s out of the area. I did. My insulin levels were adjusted immediately and my blood analyzed in a dozen areas. I shared those results with Dr. Sullivan. She then used that information to recommend a new plan for nutrition and total self care. I committed to an exercise and diet plan as well as the standard process nutritional supplements.

I felt the results so quickly! I had energy. My sugar levels were perfect. I could feel changes in my body and could respond quickly. I tried for an 80%compliance in the paleo diet plan and my body came alive. I exercise more than suggested because I feel so good I want to take another walk to celebrate. I feel so grateful for the ability to make it through the day without sleeping it away or desperately wanting to just nap. I feel like I did before I got sick and I really didn’t think that would be possible.

Thanks Doc Moe!