About Doc Moe – Ph.D Holistic Nutrition, Chiropractor and Certified in Quantum Neurology

My Mission

My mission is to help people find the real cause and underlying reason why they do not feel well or enjoy great health. By correcting the underlying reasons, a person is able to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally without the intervention of drugs and needless expensive tests and surgeries.

Feel Good Every Day

A healthy lifestyle today involves a dedication to a whole way of life, embracing your thoughts and emotions in addition to physical health habits. Healthful living involves thinking, living and acting as though you were preventing future illness or problems.


Hire Doc Moe and benefit from 25 years experience in how to feel good every day.

Phone Consultations / 30 minutes – $80
Initial Meetings / 60 minutes – $175
Subsequent Meetings / 60 minutes – $120