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Hi I'm Doc Moe (Maureen Sullivan DC, PhD), health advocate, nutritional lifestyle expert and retailer of Standard Process Whole Food Concentrates and Herbs - the finest whole food supplements that money can buy!

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If you’d like to setup a Standard Process Account to order supplements, herbs or veterinary products online, please contact Doc Moe at 561-346-8883. Doc Moe will interview you and give you a passcode so that you can create your own account. Then go to standardprocess.com and click on Patient Direct to get started.

Doc Moe’s Whole Food Supplements and Herbs

My expertise is in functional medicine and I recommend and supply clients with whole food supplements and herbs. (No synthetic vitamins or antioxidants). I have visited the farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin where the whole food supplements are processed and toured the Standard Process Laboratories and distribution center. There are very few products on the market that can compare with the purity and effectiveness of these whole food concentrates.

3 Week Whole Body Purification Program

Whole Body Purification is a 21 day program that cleanses the liver, brain, kidneys, and all systems of the body. This is a very powerful program that addresses the health of your body at a cellular level. Once you purify, you will become aware just how much the processed food lifestyle has been harming your body. The average weight loss is 5-15 lbs and you will never be hungry while on the program. The bottom line is that you are going to feel good every day. The program can be tailored to your specific goals.

There are also 10 day programs available to control inflammation and blood sugar issues. These programs can be done anytime. Start feeling good today. Contact Doc Moe for details.

Providing professional guidance in food preparation and whole food supplements.

Learn how to make the most amazing, nutrient-rich foods that will make you feel energized! Click here to learn more.

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Doc Moe's Rules for All Clients

You Must be Willing to Commit to the Following:

1. Regular Exercise (5x a week)
2. Healthy Eating (90% of the time)
3. Lifestyle Changes (manage stress)